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Join Forces with Dashrite

Become our partner

We are looking for business partners to extend our transport network in your community.
Building an extensive network requires partners like you.

Dashrite helps individuals and companies wanting to start or invest in transportation.
By joining our transport business program, you will get access to the training, support, and resources to help you grow or start a transport business. We help provide the necessary support or manage your fleet to grow and stand out in the industry.

We can build strong partnerships that will bring value to your investment.

Why Dashride?

Dashride is a subsidiary of Dashrite. We are a startup with solid business values and a dedicated team, with a clear path to expanding to several regions in Africa and North America. We believe in strong partnerships that open opportunities to expand our sustainable transportation network.

Dedicated Support Team

We understand for a business partnership to succeed, we need a strong support team with a clear path. We have built an outstanding, dedicated team to ensure we manage the flow and maintenance of any fleet we add to our network, and we can help you manage all the fleets to ensure you get a good ROI.

If you’re wondering how we can help you start a transport business without hassle, don’t worry; we have a dedicated team ready to walk you through the process.

You Schedule Appointment
with our fleet managers.

An hour consultation with you or your team and explaining how the system works

We finalize the agreement and welcome you to our partner program.

You will receive a MSFM account, to get started