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Affordable transportation solutions with seamless payments and options to get you around your city.

✓ Request the closest available clean taxi, a livery car, and will be on your way in minutes.

✓ You have the power in your hand to track exactly where your car is and how long it takes before pick up.

✓ You enjoy the ride with local professional drivers who know the city and get to your destination quickly.

Industry-leading transport solutions


We operate ride-share services worldwide by partnering with private transport companies to offer cost savings and reliable rides with 5-star ratings with the best class in services. Our services fit into existing infrastructure, reducing operational costs, traffic congestion, and carbon emissions.


Book your rides up in advance! and no more last-minute stress

No surge pricing

You are guaranteed the same price, no worrying about surge pricing.

Discount Coupons 

No matter the distance, time, or season, Dashride got you covered with our affordable rates; With our periodically promotions or coupons, give you discounts on your rides. Download the app to check available coupons or promotions.

Why choose Dashride?

• Fast arrival times, 24/7
• Get a comfortable, low-cost ride.
• Vetted local professional drivers.
• You can pay inside the app (Credit/Debit) or with cash.

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